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Paw Print Fleece Christmas Stocking

Paw Print Fleece Christmas Stocking

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Your furry friends deserve their own stockings. Our fleece paw print stockings come in red and blue. The red features 2 felt bones attached with a ribbon while the blue features 2 felt fish bones. These can easily be removed and not ruin the look of the stockings. We show them with and without the felt cut-outs so you can see how they will look both ways.

Stockings are great for embroidery or HTV.

Measures: 17 1/2" high x 8" across cuff (approx.)

Top is cotton flannel.

These are great for HTV, DTF or embroidery.

Note: Do NOT iron the fleece as it will melt and become crusty. For HTV application, use a towel under the cuff of the stocking to protect the fleece whether using an iron or heat press. The fleece may be flat upon arrival to you. Simply steam them with a household steamer or let hang over a hot tub to relax the fleece and allow it to fluff. Again, do not touch the fleece with an iron or your heat press as it will melt.

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